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Time-Sert Tool Rental Fee, 5/16-24 (Aftermarket Rocker Arm Valve Adjusting Screw), 0562
Time-Sert Tool Rental, 5/16-24 (Aftermarket Rocker Arm Valve Adjusting Screw), 0562
INSERTS NOT INCLUDED (Must be purchased separately)

Time-Sert Tool Rental, 5/16-24 (Aftermarket Rocker Arm Valve Adjusting Screw), 0562 is the best thread repair kit available. This size is typically used to repair damaged adjusting screws in aftermarket rocker arms. Time-Sert tool kit rental period is one month.

Time-Sert inserts are superior in every way to typical "Heli Coil" thread repair kits (which are usually wrapped wire, very weak and troublesome to install!), Wire inserts can leak Loctite from the outside of the insert to the inside siezing on the plug, which can not happen with Time-Sert Inserts because they are solid! Time-Sert inserts also have a flared shoulder that prevents leakage, and provides a fixed depth of installation, it is impossible to install the insert "too far".

This kit contains a Drill Bit, a Counterbore Bit, Tap, and Installation Driver. You will need a drill and a Tap Handle to use this kit! **Note that this rental does NOT include any inserts, which are sold separately. Purchase of inserts is required as a condition of Tool Rental. (See Related Products box below for links to inserts.) WE REQUIRE THAT YOU PURCHASE INSERTS AT THE SAME TIME AS RENTING THIS TOOL. We do not rent the tool unless you purchase inserts from us to use along with it.
Rental Fee $30.00
$100 Tool Core charged AT TIME OF SHIPMENT (refunded upon return per terms of service)
Restrictions: Rentals are available for USA Orders Only

Availability: Ships when available (may be delayed if out on loan)

Purchase of Inserts Agreement

I understand that I must purchase INSERTS along with rental of this Time-Sert Tool.

Purchase of Inserts is a condition of Time-Sert Tool Rental. Inserts are sold separately (not included in tool rental fee). If no inserts are ordered along with the Tool Rental, your rental order will not be valid and will not be processed.

Rental Terms of Service Agreement

I agree to abide by all Aircooled.Net Rental Tool Terms and Conditions.
RENTAL CHARGES and TERMS OF SERVICE: The Tool Rental Period is one month from the date we ship to you. The rental period INCLUDES the time in transit to you and the time in transit for sending it back (both of these vary depending on where you live and what shipping method you select). On date of shipment you will be charged for the rental fee AND in addition, YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL ALSO BE CHARGED FOR THE TOOL CORE AMOUNT. . If your rental tool is not received back by Aircooled.Net in undamaged condition within the one month rental period deadline, then YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED THE FULL  TOOL CORE AMOUNT. If you subsequently return the tool, the amount refunded will reflect a 25% administrative fee. We are strict about our one month rental period because there are often others waiting for their turn to use a rental tool kit, and sometimes those guys are riding a bike while waiting for it!

One last important item to note is that it is YOUR responsibility to properly re-package, and fully insure the kit for sending it back. If you fail to insure the package and it is lost or damaged in transit, you will NOT BE REFUNDED the TOOL CORE CHARGE. Please appropriately follow the Tool Rental Return Instructions (which will be emailed to you on the day that your rental ships to you).

Time-Sert Tool Rental, 5/16-24 (Aftermarket Rocker Arm Valve Adjusting Screw), 0562  is the best thread repair kit available. This size is typically used to repair damaged adjusting screws in aftermarket rocker arms. Time-Sert tool rental period is one month.
Item Features
The Time-Sert repair process is:
  1. Drill out the old threads
  2. Use the shoulder cutting tool to make room for the insert's shoulder on the top
  3. Tap the hole
  4. Install the new insert
The hole will be repaired, and will be stronger and better than it was when it was new, due to the larger diameter holding power!

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