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Aircooled.Net Dual Port Mini Stroker VW Engine Long Block, 74mm Counterweighted Crankshaft, Type 1, 2, and 3, 1800cc, 1904cc, 1968cc, or 2054cc Oil Temperature Warning Dipstick, 235F Calibrated Alert, Upright Engines Spindle to Spindle Front Axle Beam, ADJUSTABLE Height, Rebuilt, 1966 and Later Type 1 (Ball Joint, Disc Brakes), AC401465RB
SCAT Serpentine Belt and Pulley Kit, 6 3/4", Satin, Black, Blue, or Red Herrod Helper Rear Spoiler (Street Wing) Front Disc Brake Kit, Ball Joint Beetle and Ghia, Std Height, 4 x 130mm
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