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Bug Me Video How-to DVD, Volume 4 VW Brakes, by Rick Higgins
Bug Me Video How-to DVD, Volume 4 VW Brakes, by Rick Higgins

Rick Higgins (a real VW mechanic) guides you through the nuts and bolts of working on your master cylinder, brakes lines and hoses, brakes shoes and pads, wheel cylinders, drums and rotors. Running time: 62 min.

These DVDs are not sealed in the package, and they are NOT RETURNABLE unless they are defective. This policy is due to dirtbags that feel it's ok to burn their own copy and then return them for credit.

Volume #4 begins by showing several ways to remove the rear axle nut that holds the rear brake drum on. Once off we inspect the different brakes parts and show how to replace a faulty rear axle grease seal which can ruin new brakes if not corrected. Then step by step the old wheel cylinder, brake shoes, and brake hoses are examined and replaced as needed.

When replacing the front brakes attention is given to the front wheel bearings showing how they are paced with grease and replaced.

The master cylinder is then identified and replaced and then attention is given to the brake line that runs through the car.

Replacing the emergency cable is explained and repair and adjustment of the emergency brake handle is demonstrated.

Replacing disk brakes and calipers is covered in detail and a demonstration of the brake drums and rotors being resurfaced (turned) at the parts store is given.

We have given attention to all the common problems that you may face when doing a complete brake job so you will be totally prepared to do the whole job without a hitch.

Price: $29.95
Restrictions: Book/Media Purchases are NON-RETURNABLE / FINAL SALE ITEMS


If you are just getting into the VW mechanic thing, you NEED this DVD. Excellent pictures, narration, and tech. The information here is reliable and well presented, and not leading you down the wrong road! Consider the whole set!
VW Repair How To Videos on DVD - by Bug Me Videos Rick Higgins
VW Brakes - Clip from Volume 4 Bug Me Video DVD
Item Features
VW Brakes Vol 4 VW How To DVD by Bug Me Video pays special attention given to the common problems that you might face when doing a complete brake overhaul. Vol 4 VW Brakes begins with an overview of the complete brake system, highlighting the differences in components from year to year. Then Rick Higgins focuses in on the rear brakes, demonstrating several ways to remove the rear axle nut that secures the rear brake drum. Upon removal, the brake parts are inspected, you will learn how to replace a failed rear axle grease seal. Then the wheel cylinders, brake shoes, and brake hoses are examined and replaced as needed. The emergency brake (handbrake) cable is discussed and replaced. Next, Rick moves onto the front brakes, discussing and removing the different types of drums that you may encounter. This section shows specificallyhow to examine and replace the front wheel cylinders, brake shoes, and hoses, and also gives you the low down on how to pack the front wheel bearings with grease and then reinstall. Rick doesn't ignore Karmann Ghia lovers either! He goes over disk brakes and shows how to change the pads and remove & inspect the brake calliper to determine if it needs replacing. With the calliper off, the rotor is removed and may need to be serviced or replaced. After identifying and replacing the master brake cylinder, attention is given to the brake lines that run through the vehicle. A section is dedicated to the differences you'll find when dealing with the braking system on VW buses. Volume 4 ends with other brake related jobs you may need to do such as adjusting the brakes or bleeding the brake system.

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