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Stainless Steel Door Jamb Hardware Kit, for VW Type 1 1967 and later
Stainless Steel Door Jamb Hardware Kit, for Type 1 VW 1967 and later

Stainless Steel Door Jamb Hardware Kit, for Type 1 VW 1967 and later
Price: $14.95


SS Bolt and Nut Head Styles:

Stainless Steel Door Jamb Hardware Kit, for Type 1 VW 1967 and later
Item Features
IMPORTANT about Stainless Steel. Stainless is a series of alloy steels which contain at least 12% chromium. Such steels will not rust when exposed to the weather. These parts (except lock washers) are made from various 300 series stainless steels which contain at least 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Prior to forming 300 series stainless is non-magnetic, however the forming process can induce SOME magnetism into the part.

Stainless steel is SUPERIOR to chrome plating because it won't crack or peel as it isn't a surface coating, but the very substance from which the fastener is made. However, because stainless steel is fairly soft (it only seems harder because it work-hardens in use) it TENDS TO GALL. ALWAYS use never-seize (anti-seize) or a similar product on the threads to prevent this.

These nuts and bolts are all slightly stronger than Grade 2 fasteners.
Regular strength stainless is great for most automotive applications, but use common sense! If you absolutely MUST have stainless, we have a line of Grade 8 strength stainless for high strength applications! Ask us! Unless you have a death wish, do NOT BOLT YOUR BRAKE OR SUSPENSION SYSTEM TOGETHER WITH REGULAR STRENGTH STAINLESS STEEL FASTENERS!.

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