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Bosch 04-006 Ignition Rotor, 111-905-225F

Bosch 04-006 Ignition Rotor, 111-905-225F

Bosch 04-006 Ignition Rotor, 111-905-225F fits 1965-68 Type 1s, 1964-68 Type 2s, and 1964-68 Type 3s. Aircooled.Net only recommends GENUINE BOSCH ignition parts whenever possible, the quality is worth it compared to the sketchy chinese and budget stuff.

If you are unsure which tune up parts you need, check out our VW Distributor Tune Up Parts Chart to look up your Distributor Model Number and cross reference to the tune up parts in our catalog! It makes it super easy!
Price: $14.95

: 04-006

T-1 65-68 / T-2 64-68 / T-3

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