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We rely heavily on email as the most efficient and accurate way to serve our customers. Please only contact us by PHONE if you are unable to email for some reason, or if your situation (or tech question) is complicated.

We do NOT offer "formal" phone hours, but instead RETURN ALL MESSAGES (usually within 1-2 business days) at a time when we are able to focus on your situation/questions and aren't preoccupied with the flurry of shipments that we are shipping to waiting customers in the busy part of our day. We return calls DURING THE DAY at various times throughout the week as time allows, so please be prepared to wait a few days for us to call you back. If you are phoning for status of a backorder or order in process, you may receive your reply by EMAIL.

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Support FAQs
Can I get VW product /technical/project support?
  Looking for VW Technical, Product and/or Project Help? Send an email to Aircooled.Net offers VW technical help via email at no charge, and it has become very popular. We are proud to be reasonably liberal with our service, however...nothing in life is completely "FREE" (too good to be true and all that)! Before using our service, be sure to familiarize yourself with our Tech Help Use-At-Your-Own-Risk-Disclaimer and our Tech Help Terms of Service, so that you will know what you can and cannot expect...
Can I place an order by email or phone?
  We are happy to answer your pre-order questions by email or phone (801-453-1906), but once you decide/know what you want, WE DO REQUIRE THAT YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER USING OUR WEB ORDER SYSTEM.

Ordering online at is the best way to ensure that your order information is complete and accurate, that your payment information is transmitted securely, and that you are given the opportunity to select from all of the applicable shipping options based on your shipping address. Our online system is designed to capture the order detail necessary to expedite your order efficiently and accurately. When customers send us email requests for items, they usually forget at least some of the order information that is needed, plus it is often difficult to sift out "final order" information accurately when it is sent in bits and pieces via email correspondence or verbally. We do not accept orders submitted by email, and only take orders by phone in special circumstances.

If the reason you are trying to order by email is because you are unable to order via our website for some reason, please email with the specific error message and/or behavior that is occurring. We will respond promptly to help you troubleshoot, and if we cannot resolve your checkout issue and you still want to place an order, then we will make arrangements as a LAST resort to take your order by phone.
Do you have a printed catalog that you can mail to me?
  At this time we do not produce a printed catalog for distribution. Since our company's inception, we have concentrated our efforts on providing the best web-based delivery of VW project technical support, and efficient parts ordering found anywhere on the internet. The time and expense involved in publishing a paper-based catalog for a traditional style mail out is cost prohibitive compared to the real-time, up-to-date style catalog we can provide to our customers online.

We certainly hope that you will be able to find a way to access our online product catalog via the web. We love to help people like yourself to restore, maintain, and get the most out of their Aircooled Volkswagens!
Hours of Operation, Ordering and Customer Care
  Online Ordering:
Online orders are accepted 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week. Order cutoff time is NOON, Mountain Standard Time. New orders, add-on orders, and item changes/deletions submitted or changes made to existing orders via email after this time may not be processed till the following business day.

For accuracy reasons we do NOT to take orders by telephone. All order requests must be submitted via our ONLINE STORE. If the reason you would prefer to order by phone is that you are concerned about submitting payment details online, you can BYPASS the entry of payment information during an online order by selecting PAYMENT BY MAIL/US POSTAL MONEY ORDER, and then put a note in the ORDER INSTRUCTIONS that you would like to be contacted to have a representative take your payment information over the phone. This way, your order can be submitted accurately, and processed efficiently through our system while you pay "offline".

Operating Hours:
The Warehouse (shipping and stock checks) operates Monday - Friday from 6am - 2pm.
The Administrative/Accounting office is open Monday - Friday from 8am - 4pm
The Lobby (Will Call for Local Order Pickup) is open 10am - 4pm Tuesday - Friday (CLOSED MONDAYS).
Our facility is closed on weekends and holidays.

Customer and Order Care (via email):
All Customer and Order Care is provided via email. We rely heavily on email as the most efficient and accurate way to serve our customers. Please only contact us by PHONE if you are unable to email for some reason, or if your situation (or tech question) is complicated. Email is generally the faster way to communicate with us about your order (for urgent or last minute changes), as well as providing a written correspondence trail that can be referred back to when necessary.

We endeavor, whenever possible to respond to email inquiries either the same, or next business day. During especially busy times, it is our target to at least respond to all emails, (even if we are not able to immediately answer all of your questions) within 72 hours. International Order Inquiries may experience longer response times. Depending on the nature of emailed inquiries we are often able to and regularly do respond outside of regular business hours. If you do NOT receive a reply within 3 business days, it is possible that your email did not reach our inbox (some messages do get caught in our spam filters, and/or you may have typo'd our email address!). In that case, feel free to send a follow up email, or leave a phone message asking us to look for and respond to your previously sent email inquiry.

We are an online company that serves many thousands of customers worldwide and providing service mainly via email enables us to keep our prices reasonable and serve all of the VW enthusiasts who come to us for assistance. Email communication also allows us to research and respond with your requested information better than playing telephone tag back and forth via voicemail...Thank you for following our correspondence procedures to allow us to serve you more effectively and efficiently!

Phone Care Call Back System:
We do not maintain a "telephone call center" nor any formal phone hours due to our focus on providing care and tech support via email.

But i
f your issue can only be addressed by telephone, and may leave a VOICEMAIL with appropriate detail of what you need and how to contact you. We do RESPOND TO ALL VOICEMAIL MESSAGES that are left on our voicemail system (usually within 1-3 business days). If you are phoning for status of a backorder or order in process, you may receive your reply with requested information by EMAIL. But otherwise, the appropriate person will call you back. We use this "call back" system so that we are able to assign your issue to the rep who can best assist you at a time when they can focus on your situation/questions. We return calls DURING THE DAY at various times throughout the week as time allows, and after we have had a chance to either look up or acquire your requested information.

VW Product and Project Tech Support:
Email ( is the quickest way to get answers to your tech or product questions, We respond to email inquiries throughout the day (and often into the evenings and on weekends).

Why haven't you answered my email?
  Email is not a perfectly reliable communication medium!  We answer ALL inquiries that REACH OUR INBOX, so if you do NOT receive some sort of response within 72 hours, you should assume that the message did not reach us (or got snagged in our spam filter), and try again. If you send REPEATED messages and do not receive any response from us, please PHONE us at 801-453-1906 to ask your questions and to give us your email address. Once we SEND you an email, your messages will be allowed through our filter system.

If you email us, we will hit "reply" to respond to you. Otherwise all email communication with customers will be via the email address submitted with your most recent order. It is very important that you submit your orders with a CURRENT and VALID email address!
How do I contact Aircooled.Net?
  Submit an Inquiry via our Contact Form

Please click here for additional company information.

Customer Service

Please use email (or the contact form) to send your order status or customer service inquiry. Doing so allows us to gather the most up to date information regarding your order before we email you back. Electronic correspondence also allows for easy reference for both of us as we process your order. We can respond to approximately 5 email inquiries in the same amount of time it takes to serve one phone call and we rely on the time we save to be able to do the necessary footwork associated with acquiring hard-to-find items from over 100 suppliers, and to process and ship orders out in as timely a manner as possible!

We understand that there are some situations that warrant a telephone call. Our telephone number is (801) 453-1906, and we do our best to answer the phone Monday – Thursday from 10am – 3pm (MST). But even during these hours, we aren’t always able to answer. We process a lot of orders with a relatively small staff so there are periods during the day when we are rushing to meet shipping deadlines. You may also get a busy signal if we are already on with another customer. Please either call back, or send us an email.

Parts and VW Technical Questions

EMAIL is by far the fastest way to get VW Tech product or project help from John Connolly, the Owner and resident VW Tech Guy at Aircooled.Net. Most of the time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you get a reply, even in the evenings and on the weekend. He handles a fairly large volume of tech questions though, so don’t be surprised if his answer is short and to the point! Learn more about John and what you can expect from Aircooled.Net free VW tech help…

If you have specific parts or technical questions that are not answered in the product descriptions of our online catalog, or if your situation is too detailed to discuss via email, you may telephone and speak to John. Keep in mind though that during business hours, John is quite busy overseeing many aspects of the business in addition to being the main “source” of VW knowledge behind Aircooled.Net. For 2 hours per day (Monday-Thursday from 1pm- 3pm MST), John tries to make himself available to field VW Tech issues by telephone. Though you may catch him if you call other times of day, you will always be more likely to reach John by phone after lunch. If you try repeatedly to reach him by phone and are not successful, please do send an email instead and you will receive a timely response!

Our Mailing and Warehouse Address

Aircooled.Net, Inc.
362 W. 6100 South, Unit A
Murray , UT 84107
(801) 453-1906 Direct Line
(801) 449-1049 After Hours
(801) 943-4176 Fax

Do NOT ship return items to this address without prior authorization. Read and follow our Guarantee, Warranty Info and Return Authorization Instructions to obtain an RGA for any items you need to return.


PRODUCT AVAILABILITY can vary and short-term backorders are common. Immediate shipment of requested products is NOT guaranteed. Orders are processed in the order that they are received and order fulfillment time varies.

PRODUCT IMAGES are representative only. Actual product may differ in appearance. Please do NOT rely on PHOTOS while shopping as many of our products have selectable product options that may change the nature of the product being ordered compared to the representative photo. Make your product selections based on the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION and OPTION INFORMATION presented in the detailed product listing.

CATALOG ERRORS: Although every effort has been made to provide accurate pricing and product technical and vehicle application information, THIS CATALOG MAY CONTAIN ERRORS (typographical, photographic, or informational). All information should be verified prior to use.

PRICES are subject to change without obligation. In most cases we are able to honor advertised price, but in the RARE case a substantial price increase occurs, you would be notified and given the option to cancel.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: All information provided by Aircooled.Net (via website or email) is for USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. All products purchased should be inspected, measured, cleaned and properly assembled prior to installation. Since Aircooled.Net has no control over product installation, we will not be held liable for any consequential costs or damages associated with products purchased.