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We rely heavily on email as the most efficient and accurate way to serve our customers. Please only contact us by PHONE if you are unable to email for some reason, or if your situation (or tech question) is complicated.

We do NOT offer "formal" phone hours, but instead RETURN ALL MESSAGES (usually within 1-2 business days) at a time when we are able to focus on your situation/questions and aren't preoccupied with the flurry of shipments that we are shipping to waiting customers in the busy part of our day. We return calls DURING THE DAY at various times throughout the week as time allows, so please be prepared to wait a few days for us to call you back. If you are phoning for status of a backorder or order in process, you may receive your reply by EMAIL.

Aircooled.Net, Inc. -- VW Parts that Work, Fit, and Last
...who we are and how we roll...

Aircooled.Net is the VW parts catalog and acquisition service for people who love their aircooled VWs, and want the truth about the parts they put on their car. Aircooled.Net serves the aircooled VW restoration, performance, drag race and daily driver community with quality, honest technical information and earnest sourcing of OEM and aftermarket Aircooled VW parts that Work, Fit, and Last.

From advice on what upholstery stitching will hold up over time, to how to build your dream VW engine, you'll get a straight answer -- from our VW tech articles, VW product descriptions, or via email from company owner/founder, John Connolly. No sugarcoating, hype, or dealer-motivated bias toward a particular brand, product, or procedure. John's an opinionated stickler for quality and he knows what will work and what parts and products he can stand behind. Aircooled.Net has been online since 1999, but John's knowledge and experience with aircooled VW engines, customization and performance has been amassed through wrenching, racing, studying, and rebuilding VWs since the 70s.

Aircooled.Net's detailed product descriptions and no-nonsense tech help are designed to help you know which parts are the best value, best quality, and overall best choice for your car. We're big enough to have the accounts and connections to source and sell every available VW aftermarket product like most VW parts retailers do, but since we are still a family run company, we have the ethics not to. We sleep better at night knowing that we don't promote shoddy quality, high mark-up reproduction products made in cheap labor countries with inferior materials. And you can sleep better at night knowing that when you buy your parts and get VW tech info from Aircooled.Net, your VW project is built with components of quality, purchased at a fair price, and backed by years of VW know-how.

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Aircooled.Net, Inc.
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PRODUCT IMAGES are representative only. Actual product may differ in appearance. Please do NOT rely on PHOTOS while shopping as many of our products have selectable product options that may change the nature of the product being ordered compared to the representative photo. Make your product selections based on the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION and OPTION INFORMATION presented in the detailed product listing.

CATALOG ERRORS: Although every effort has been made to provide accurate pricing and product technical and vehicle application information, THIS CATALOG MAY CONTAIN ERRORS (typographical, photographic, or informational). All information should be verified prior to use.

PRICES are subject to change without obligation. In most cases we are able to honor advertised price, but in the RARE case a substantial price increase occurs, you would be notified and given the option to cancel.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: All information provided by Aircooled.Net (via website or email) is for USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. All products purchased should be inspected, measured, cleaned and properly assembled prior to installation. Since Aircooled.Net has no control over product installation, we will not be held liable for any consequential costs or damages associated with products purchased.