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Single Weber IDF Carb Kit, All Engines, Redline
Single Weber IDF Carb Kit, All Engines, Redline
Picture is a "generic" picture showing 40 IDF and a Dual Port Type 1 Kit. When you select the kit you want you WILL receive the proper carb size ordered.

ACN only sells GENUINE Weber carburetors that are made in Spain, not Chinese copies! Our Centermount IDF Weber Carb Kits come COMPLETE with everything you need to install them! While most VW Parts stores sell one line of carb kits, ACN sells a lot of them! The big advantage you have from buying from ACN is our decades of carb experience, which you get with the "Carb Setup Option" to minimize your setup time and maximize drive time instead of wrench time! Race proven Genuine Redline Weber. These kits fit all dual port upright Volkswagen engines, including Beetle, Superbeetle, Ghia, and THING, even Dual Port busses up to 1971!

Carb Sizing. Here are our Weber Size recommendations. Get a 40 IDF for engines up to 2000cc. If you are bigger than that the 44mm will work.

If you have any carb sizing questions, feel free to contact us for advice! That's what we are here for! The 44 IDF version of this kit costs a bit more (the size upgrade cost will be added to price when you add it to the cart).


The pieces of info that are helpful for us to have when performing a carb setup service are:

-Vehicle Year/Type/Model
-Engine displacement (size)
-Engine Compression Ratio
-Heads Type/Size
-Cam Brand/Model
-Exhaust Type/Size
-Distributor Type/Model
-Driving Elevation Range

Please include as much of the above information in your ORDER NOTES/MESSAGES during checkout.
In the absence of that info, we assume a stock or mostly stock engine/exhaust/distributor combo, and we base your driving elevation off of your submitted order delivery address.
Price: $649.95


Choose Carburetor Size

Select Carburetor Setup Option

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This is one of the finest Centermount weber carburetor kits available for your Volkswagen. Preheat is key in making your centermount work well, even if it's 120F out! Intake manifold with DELUXE PREHEAT, and a nice linkage arrangement that prevents throttle cable binding, by lining up the linkage to the cable in the shroud!

Item Features
We have a LOT of experience setting up Centermount webers (25+ years!), so we offer and strongly recommend our Carb Setup Service to you when you buy your carburetors from Aircooled.Net! Frankly, if you try to bolt up your Centermount weber kit as supplied by Weber, you will have problems more often than not!

So choosing the Carb Setup Service is completely optional and up to you, but STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. It's actually a bit of a pain, and time consuming to do properly, which is why ACN is the only company that offers this service on Weber purchases! The Carb Setup Service includes fixing known and unknown problems and Weber assembly errors, clean, set floats, trim gaskets, etc. Then we reassemble with the correct jets and emulsion tubes for your engine and elevation! Finish it off with a final bench adjustment so that YOUR setup time and headaches are minimized! Carb Setup Service INCLUDES JET CHANGES (Free jets!), the expense of the proper jets can exceed what we charge for the setup, so it's a great deal for you!

It doesn't matter WHICH dual weber kit you buy from us, ICTs, IDF, IDAs, we will give them the same attention to your carbs as if they were ours about to go on our own engine! When you select this option, Jet changes are included, but venturi costs are additional FOR THE PARTS ONLY. With the cost of jets and especially emulsion tubes, that alone makes it worth it!

We have the carburetor expertise to select your emulsion tubes, idle jets, main jets, and air jets, regardless of the elevation you will be driving at, all you will have to do is assemble, adjust and GO! Obviously you must have your fuel pressure set to 3-3.5psi, but if the engine is in good mechanical shape your bench time will turn into driving time!

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