Supply-chain disruptions have hampered our ability to restock items reliably. Many sought after parts are backordered without ETA info -- backorders with unreliable restock ETAs are VERY frustrating for us as well. We are doing what we can to adapt and recover from the changes to our industry, but currently many shipments are delayed and our response time to emails are slow (we are severely short-staffed). Even if we can't reply to your email promptly, please trust that we ARE working on getting delayed items back into stock for you, and we will contact you when we have any updated news. We appreciate your continued support and understanding.

When you place an online order request, you can opt to have in-stock items processed for shipment in advance of any backordered items. For out of stock items, you are NOT CHARGED, you are automatically added to the reservation waitlist, and we post stock status / backorder info to your Order Status/History Detail View in your online Customer Account. You can email to cancel un-shipped/un-paid items at any time as long as they are not special order or made/machined-to-order.

Please only continue if you are prepared to be PATIENT. Requested items could be delayed by supplier-level backorder, and we usually aren't given reliable ETA information. We work diligently to source and fulfill your request for items as best we can.


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Tri Mil Euro 2-Tip Muffler, 1966-74 1300-1600cc Based Engines, Beetle and Karmann Ghia Volante S9 Sebring Steering Wheel (9 Bolt Pattern), 15", Genuine Wood Grip, Polished Aluminum 3 Spoke with Slots, ST3053 Firebraid (Firesleeve) Heat Resistant Hose Covering (Hose Insulation), Per Foot
30 PICT-1 Stock Carburetor, Manual Choke, Single Port, Brosol, 113-129-027BR SCAT Serpentine Belt and Pulley Kit, 6 3/4", Satin, Black, Blue, or Red Oil Temperature Warning Dipstick, 235F Calibrated Alert, Upright Engines
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