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Bug Me Video How-to DVD, Volume 7 Heater Channel Replacement, by Rick Higgins
Bug Me Video How-to DVD, Volume 7 Heater Channel Replacement, by Rick Higgins

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They get better as they go along! This DVD opens with discussion on the different qualities of parts before progressing to the actual replacement.

Replacement is done on a 63' sunroof bug and show where the channel is located in the car and exactly where and how it is attached. We then drill out the spot welds and cut the solid welds showing what tools can be used and where care should be exercised. When completely loose we show how to brace the door opening and lift the body enough to remove the old channel (removing the body was demonstrated in Vol.6 and is necessary info).

Once the channel is out we repair a badly rusted door post (A-pillar) by butt welding in a replacement panel. This is explained and demonstrated in detail. Now the new channel is put in place, the body is lowered; and the channel is welded back into place. Door alignment is given attention during this final part.

Not done yet! Another replacement is done on a 70' convertible. The extra strengthening gussets and panels are pointed out and removed. Now a procedure that allows the channel to be removed without lifting the body is demonstrated. This is done by replacing the lower portion of the rear quarter panel (which was badly rusted on this car) and replacing a strip of metal in the front wheel well. Once these panels are removed the channel can be maneuvered out the side of the body.

Another manner of securing the door opening is also shown.

With the channel back in place we show how to do a lap weld with a joggle in the panel when replacing the lower quarter panel. We show an inexpensive spot welding tool that can be used with any DC arc welder and how to do a plug weld. All without warping the flat panel. Just for fun, the last few minutes of the tape is filled with outtakes from the video!

These DVDs are not sealed in the package, and they are NOT RETURNABLE unless they are defective. This policy is due to dirtbags that feel it's ok to burn their own copy and then return them for credit.

Price: $29.95
Restrictions: Book/Media Purchases are NON-RETURNABLE / FINAL SALE ITEMS


Product Overview
Volume 7: This video shows you how to replace VW heater channels, lower rear quarter panels and the lower front hinge pillar. Replacement is shown both with the body on AND off the chassis. Also includes installation of the convertible reinforcement rails. 100 minutes.
VW DVD Series by Bug Me Video - An Overview with Rick Higgins

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