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Bug Me Video How-to DVD, Volume 10, Electrical Troubleshooting, by Rick Higgins
Bug Me Video How-to DVD, Volume 10, Electrical Troubleshooting, by Rick Higgins

Volume 10 starts with Chad explaining the proper way to check, charge and maintain your battery.

Then you are shown how to check the starting system from the battery to the starter so as to avoid buying unnecessary expensive parts when your bug decides not to start. (So often we find that it is just a bad connection).

Next is how to check the starter to be sure it is bad before buying a new one. Of course we show how to replace it in the event that it is bad.

We also show how to replace a bad key switch when it proves to be the problem. The turn signal arm and horn are covered in this section).

Next, Chad shows how to determine whether or not your generator or alternator is working properly. If not, we show how to replace a generator or alternator.

After that, we do a 12V conversion to a 6V car, with and all the other changes that have to be made. We also cover how to make perfect connections by crimping and soldering. This skill is used when installing aftermarket gauges, which is covered next in the video.

In Total there are over 3 hours of instruction so I am sure you will learn a lot that will help you to keep that faithful VW on the road.

These DVDs are not sealed in the package, and they are NOT RETURNABLE unless they are defective. This policy is due to dirtbags that feel it's ok to burn their own copy and then return them for credit.

Price: $29.95
Restrictions: Book/Media Purchases are NON-RETURNABLE / FINAL SALE ITEMS


Volume 10: The newest addition to the Volkswagen Bug-Me-Video collection might just be the answer to your electrical nightmare. This video will show you Electrical Troubleshooting tips for battery care, starting system, charging system, how to convert 6 Volt to 12 Volt, turn signal arm replacement, ignition switch, how to install gauges, how to solder and much, much more!

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