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5 of 5 Great product, great service March 17, 2013
Reviewer: Jon from Portland, OR United States  
True plug and play item that worked great on my 1600 SP engine with a Brosol 30/31.  John added fantastic customer service answering questions, as always.  Too bad these are hard to get now since they are worth the money.  I also love that John will help set it up for another carb in the future if I choose to change things up.

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5 of 5 ACN SVDA August 26, 2012
Reviewer: Gregory Rickard from El Segundo, CA United States  
My '71 Ghia has a stock 1600 dp rebuild with the only mod being a Redline Weber 32/36 DFEV carb.  I switched to ACN's SVDA (with Pertronix module) from a Bosch 009, and what a huge difference.  I have spent ages screwing around with jetting trying to eliminate a persistent flat spot around 2,000 rpms, but I finally concluded it was an ignition issue rather than a carb issue.

No more flat spot at around 2,000 rpms and engine transitions throughout the whole rpm range are smooth!  The engine purrs now.

I had a little trouble dialing out an unwanted vacuum signal at idle while setting up the SVDA and contacted John for guidance.  His recommendation nailed it.  I dialed out the vacuum signal and dialed in the SVDA.  It is a nice piece of equipment and worth every penny.  Buy it, put your 009 on the shelf, and don't look back.

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5 of 5 SVDA review...4 months later August 4, 2012
Reviewer: Aaron Downing from Ocean Springs, MS United States  
Heres a review of the svda dizzy I purchased a few months back.  I hate reading reviews when someone just buys something, because whether or not they like it, they praise it to justify their purchase...so here's my 4 month follow up.  First off, I'd buy one again in a heartbeat, and here's why.  Super smooth acceleration, better power, much cooler temps (can actually touch the dipstick now).  But here's the kicker and what really sold me.  My MPG improved by 7...that's right, 7 mpg.  I've run through about 2000 miles up to this point since the purchase (30miles a day) as it is my daily driver and the money I've saved on gas so far will have this payed for in no time.  Long story short, best purchase I've made in a long time, and it actually does live up to the hype.  In case anyone is interested, I drive a 69 type 1 with a 1641 and a weber progressive carb.  Well done aircooled, well done.

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5 of 5 ACN SVDA June 21, 2012
Reviewer: Tim Ornato from Orange Park, FL USA  
Well I did my homework which lead me to the ACN SVDA.   I chose a points system to keep it simple- you know - one step at a time. This was going on a fastback so there is some adjustment,  with the condenser location, getting stuff to fit right around the cooling.   Until now I was using my original (!) FI distro (71 fastback) and I knew that was a weak link.  Like the others that have weighed in- it woke up the car- particularly  at higher rpm's !  I can't believe the difference it has made and I don't think I have it dialed in yet (I am running a stock rebuild with 34 ICT's. It does respond faster and starts faster.  Makes me think about putting the 36 DRLA's back on...I always thought I was wasting gas before on a stock engine...maybe not now! .......thank you to John for your quick response to my email and insight!

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5 of 5 Worth Every Penny March 14, 2012
Reviewer: Danny from Rohnert Park, CA United States  
Three words about the SVDA... Wow, Wow, Wow!  A week's headache solved with your SVDA.  I was off and running in only 15 minutes using your excellent installation instructions.  Flat spot...GONE!  009...in the trash.  Thanks a million.

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5 of 5 SVDAmazing! March 2, 2012
Reviewer: Sean Paddy from Linthicum, MD United States  
Got the SVDA today! It is installed and running great! I had an 009 on there for years and I could never quite get it to run right. After 30 minutes of work today I was zipping around the neighborhood. It's amazing that I can slowly roll into the gas and just go...without that nasty flat spot. It was a lot quieter too, which my neighbors will appreciate. THANKS!!!

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5 of 5 these guys rock March 2, 2012
Reviewer: jason odenthal from houston, TX United States  
this thing is worth the cash and fixed my flat spot when starting out.

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