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Web Cam Type 1 Camshaft, Grind 118, 1.1 or 1.25 Rockers, 00-052
Web Cam Type 1 Camshaft, Grind 118, 1.1 or 1.25 Rockers, 00-052

Web Cam Type 1 Camshaft, Grind 118, 1.1 or 1.25 Rockers, 00-052 is designed for 1.1 and 1.25 rockers, and it's specs are .402" Valve Lift with 1.1 Rockers, 286 degrees of advertised duration, and 245 degrees of duration at .050" checking clearance.

This cam is almost a clone of the Engle 110, it has a broad power range for small and medium displacement street, off-road, or turbo engines, especially with Kadrons or other dual 1bbl carbs, OR centermounted 2bbl carburetors.

This cam works fine even with stock heads, but it's performance is much better with some porting, and especialy if larger valves are used. Expect a powerband from 1300 to 5500 RPMs, the more headwork and carburetion the better the top end will be.

You can get by with HD Single Valve springs and Bolt On Rocker Shafts. Use a compression ratio of 8-8.5:1

If you choose to use this cam with 1.25 rockers, you will extend the top end to 5800.

Lobe Center: The proper term is really "Lobe Separation Angle", but people more recognize "Lobe Center" so that's the term we have used here. Lobe Center is a VERY complex topic, generally speaking a smaller (Narrower) Lobe Center will improve low end power at the expense of top end, and a Wider Lobe Center will do the opposite. Of course, duration does the same (more duration helps top end at the expense of low end), but it's just another way to further refine your power. If you do not know what Lobe Center to choose, the VW Standard is "108 Degrees" and you won't go wrong with that (if you didn't know, we would send you "108 Lobe Center").

We do offer other Lobe Centers for guys that have researched the topic enough, and make these options available to those that want them.

CAM CLEARANCING: Select the Cam Clearancing option for stroker crank on long stroke engines! It's needed on all 82mm or longer strokes, and SOME 78+mm crank/rod combos (VW or Porsche journals). It depends on the size of the big end of the connecting rod, but USUALLY the bigger the rod journal the bigger the big end of the rod. Generally speaking H-beam rods have a smaller "Big End" than I-beam rods do, but the only way to know is to check. If you aren't sure, just pay up for the "Cam Clearancing" option for the most room on your engine build.

Price: $174.95
Country of Manufacture or Origin: Made in USA

Availability: Made to Order Item - Fabrication time varies (3-12 weeks!)
: 00-052

Cam Clearancing:

Select Desired LOBE CENTER

Lobe Center:

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Web Cam Type 1 Camshaft, Grind 118, 1.1 or 1.25 Rockers, 00-052 is designed for 1.1 and 1.25 rockers, and it's specs are .402" Valve Lift with 1.1 Rockers, 286 degrees of advertised duration, and 245 degrees of duration at .050" checking clearance.

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