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Bug Me Video How-to DVD, Volume 9, Wiring, by Rick Higgins
Bug Me Video How-to DVD, Volume 9, Wiring, by Rick Higgins

In Classic Bug-Me-Video style, Rick and Crew re-wire a 1963 Beetle (the complete wiring harness). Not to ignore the other years and models, they show the differences of many other years and models, including Super Beetles!

There is much information here that you will not find anywhere else. After watching this video you will know where each and every wire goes and every connection. (fuel injection wiring will be covered in another video)

These DVDs are not sealed in the package, and they are NOT RETURNABLE unless they are defective. This policy is due to dirtbags that feel it's ok to burn their own copy and then return them for credit.

Price: $29.95
Restrictions: Book/Media Purchases are NON-RETURNABLE / FINAL SALE ITEMS


Volume 9: Installation of a complete wiring harness on a 1963 Volkswagen Bug. The differences and progression in the wiring of both standard and Super Beetles is also shown. Also includes modifications to solve the problem of not being able to replace obsolete parts. 160 minutes. This video also shows modifications necessary because of obsolete components (in case you can't find them).

WARNING: This does NOT cover fuel injection!

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